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If you are in a certain budget but you still want to improve one or more rooms/spaces in your house this is the kind of service to get. No effort needed or not even leaving your house, we offer this innovative, efficient, fast and simple service to help make your dream home come true.

How it works?

If you feel that this efficient system we offer fits your necessities you should follow these steps:

What type of consulting fits you better?

We help you to define the best location of the existent and new furniture, wall accessories and deco. 

Select new tones, textures and materials as needed, everything is going to be simple so you always have the option of doing it yourself. If we feel that a new piece of furniture, always based on the budget you got, will significantly improve your space we will choose two different options  and give you all the tools to place your orders whenever you are ready to buy. 

When we are dealing with a construction from the scratch too many doubts come up in all the phases of the project. We help you selecting finishes, materials, designing your kitchen and bathrooms based on your needs and your lifestyle, furniture size and shape, tones, textures and window treatments.

Sometimes when we are handling with all the people that intervene in a construction, even something as small as a bathroom remodeling, can be struggling. Besides selecting everything with you we offer to calculate the quantity needed of every material we select, to place the orders and manage the purchases so you get everything on time. Also, if you are located in Florida, we send you our team members so you get our professional prices being sure that the job is going to be done with quality and efficiency.

How this service can help you?

We also design every custom made piece of furniture: kitchen cabinets, vanities, living furniture, etc.

Our Clients

We have a strong relationship with the hospitality business, for which we have made a large number of successful projects

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